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General information General information
Additional Driver Information Additional Driver Information
Age Requirements Age Requirements
Drivers License and ID Requirements Drivers License and ID Requirements
Payment Options Payment Options
Credit Card Requirements Credit Card Requirements
Cancellations and No Show Charges Cancellations and No Show Charges
Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country
Meet Late Arrival Meet Late Arrival
Delivery and Collection Delivery and Collection
One Way Rentals One Way Rentals
Waiver and Protection Options Waiver and Protection Options
Special Equipment Special Equipment
Fuel charges Fuel charges
Fines Fines
Miscellaneous Information Miscellaneous Information

General information

Tax: 7 % GST (goods and service tax) applicable on all items.
Currency Information: Singapore dollars: SID
Currency restrictions: none.
Mandatory Information: All customers must leave their phone number and email for us to reach out to them for updates on their rental. Bookings without these information may not secure a vehicle.
Festive Season Mandatory Prepayment: For festive seasons (i.e. Chinese New Year week, Hari Raya Puasa week), a non-refundable prepayment of the full rental amount will be required to secure a vehicle. For any add-ons, the amount will be deductible at point of pick up.

Customers must leave their email and phone number during this periods. For bookings without any contact information, Avis reserves the right to cancel the booking and not allocate a vehicle. Customers may reach out to us to find out more if their booking dates are within the peak season.

Additional Driver Information

All drivers must meet the same minimum age and driver’s license requirements as the renter and must be present at the time of rental.
Additional driver's charge is SGD 9.90 per day/maximum of $99 per rental.

Age Requirements

The minimum age is 23 years, and maximum age is 74 years for all car groups. No young or senior driver charges apply.

Drivers License and ID Requirements

▪ A valid Singapore driving license must be held for at least 12 months for Singapore citizens, Permanent Residence and foreigners who are residing in Singapore for more than 12 months.
▪ Foreigners who reside in Singapore for less than 12 months must possess a valid foreign license from the country of residence and International Driving Permit (IDP).
▪ If IDP is not available, an official translation of foreign license in English is required.
▪ Driver from ASEAN member countries only need to possess a valid driving license issued by the relevant driving license in order to drive in Singapore without IDP.

Payment Options

American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, Avis, Avis voucher/ charge card, Visa and Master debit cards will only be accepted at check-in/return of Avis vehicle.
Payment by personal cheque and cash rentals are not available.
Location Accept GEB reservations with AV with Credit Card and with Virtual Credit Card

Credit Card Requirements

Credit Card must be valid and not expired for use.
Credit Card must be in the driver's name.

Cancellations and No Show Charges

For festive seasons (i.e. Chinese New Year week, Hari Raya Puasa week), a non-refundable prepayment of the full rental amount will be required to secure a vehicle. For any add-ons, the amount will be deductible at point of pick up.

Customers who cancel or are a no-show will not have their payment refunded.

Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country

Cross Border Rentals
Vehicle rented in Singapore can be driven into Malaysia with a daily fee of $ 50.00 (+GST) per day. Driving a rented vehicle into Thailand is not permitted.
Note: customer needs to request a cross border rental at the time of reservations (remark: driver Malaysia).
Customer who opts to leave the rented vehicle in Malaysia will be charges relating to the one way programme outside of the country. (see one way section).
Cash is not acceptable as a method of payment for rentals going abroad.

Meet Late Arrival

A Meet Late Arrival service is provided at Changi Airport terminal 2 (SIN) and terminal 3 (D0T) only. Meet late arrival surcharge of SID 100.00 (+ GST) is applicable. Reservation should be processed as a request to SIN, D0T only.
Full customer details must be given including CID and CEX. No show fee of SID 100.00 (+GST) will apply.

Delivery and Collection

All deliveries and collections should be made on a request basis only. Request reservations should be made to Singapore downtown (SN3) only. Full customer details should be provided, including CID and CEX.
Delivery and collection is available between 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday. Charge is SID 50.00 (+GST) per each way. Available in Singapore only.

One Way Rentals

One way fee in Singapore: a one way fee applicable within country
Downtown to Airport : SID 15.00 (+GST)
Airport to Downtown : SID 50.00 (+GST)
One way fee into Malaysia: vehicle may be driven into Malaysia (see Cross Border section) and returned at Avis locations in Malaysia only.
Following one way fee (+ GST) will apply:
Johor Bahru SID 300.00
Malacca SID 400.00
Kuala Lumpur SID 450.00
Kuantan SID 500.00
Penang SID 550.00

Waiver and Protection Options

CDW reduces the renter's financial responsibility from full replacement value of the car and loss of use to the insurance excess (see non-waivable excess) in case of damages to the rented vehicle regardless of fault.
CDW does not cover missing items, vandalism, riots or damages caused other then as a result of a collision.
S-CDW excess reduction is available as a counter sell product only (see S-CDW).
TP reduces the renter's financial responsibility from full replacement value of the car and loss of use to the insurance excess (see non-waivable section) in the event of theft or attempted theft of the vehicle or parts of it.
S-TP excess reduction is not available.
GROUP C = SID 2000.00
GROUP D = SID 2000.00
GROUP E = SID 3000.00
GROUP F = SID 3000.00
GROUP G = SID 3500.00
GROUP H= SID 4000.00
GROUP I = SID 5000.00
GROUP J = SID 3000.00
GROUP K = SID 4000.00
GROUP L = SID 3500.00
GROUP M = SID 3500.00
GROUP N = SID 5000.00

GROUP C = SID 4500.00
GROUP D = SID 4500.00
GROUP E = SID 5500.00
GROUP F = SID 5500.00
GROUP G = SID 5500.00
GROUP H= SID 7000.00
GROUP I = SID 8000.00
GROUP J = SID 6000.00
GROUP K = SID 8000.00
GROUP L = SID 7000.00
GROUP M = SID 7000.00
GROUP N = SID 8000.00

GROUP C = SID 3000.00
GROUP D = SID 3000.00
GROUP E = SID 4000.00
GROUP F = SID 4000.00
GROUP G = SID 4500.00
GROUP H= SID 5000.00
GROUP I = SID 6000.00
GROUP J = SID 4000.00
GROUP K = SID 5000.00
GROUP L = SID 4500.00
GROUP M = SID 4500.00
GROUP N = SID 6000.00

Super CDW is available on two levels and allows the insurance excess to be reduced:
Level 1: SID 35.00 (+GST) per day for all vehicle groups. Reduces insurance excess to 25% payable of the basic CDW.
Level 2: SID 50.00 (+GST) per day for all vehicle groups. Reduces insurance excess to 0% payable of the basic CDW.

Note: in the event of an accident / collision in Malaysia the insurance excess is increased by SID 1000.00 (+GST). Amount is also subjected to rate restrictions.
WDW (Windscreen Damage Waiver) is available at SID 5.00 (+GST) per day to remove all excess for damage to the front windscreen.

Motor Liability Insurance
In accordance with insurance laws this is compulsory. Motor liability insurance covers SID 5,000,000 for third party property damage and unlimited coverage of personal injury to third party and passengers (excluding driver).
Not available.

Special Equipment

All special equipments are subject to availability. Avis will put in a request but will not guarantee the availability of the product until upon pick-up of vehicles.

Baby and infant seats: under the age of 6 are required to use a child safety / child booster seat by law. Baby seats are available on request. Rental fee is SID 10.00 (+GST) per day with a maximum rental fee of SID 100.00 (+GST) per rental.
GPS: mobile GPS (Garmin) navigation units are available for all car groups. To reserve enter /GPS in the remarks field. The maximum rental fee is SID 150.00 (+GST) per rental.

Rental conditions (rates exclude GST): Daily rate is SID 15.00 per day (+GST), and the price for GPS is capped at 10 days.

Fuel charges

Refuelling charge is based on cost of unleaded petrol to be filled back into the car.
Unleaded cost per litre: SID 3.50 (+GST)
Fuel up front (prepaid fuel option) is available at all stations in Singapore at the time of vehicle pick-up.


Customers will be informed about their fines or charges post-rental. Avis will address the fines to the customers who are in possession of the car. For any dispute, customers will be required to go directly to the authorities.

Miscellaneous Information

Avis Worldwide Discounts (AWD)/ Coupons (CPN)
For a selection of travel industry or corporate Avis Worldwide Discount codes, proof of employment or a letter from the HR/Procurement maybe needed prior to the rental to enjoy the rates shopped. Customers who are not verified will be denied of the rates shopped and subject to walk-in rates.

A 24-hour breakdown coverage service is provided. Procedures advised at vehicle pick-up.

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP): Congestion charging is applicable in Singapore. A toll-card is required for cars that drive through an ERP gantry. All Avis vehicles are fitted with an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) that the toll-card is inserted.
Each time a car drives through an ERP gantry the fee will automatically be deducted. Toll-cards can be purchased from Avis at a cost of SID 30.00 (+GST) They can also be purchased from most petrol station and 7-eleven stores.
A toll-card is also required to pay the toll when crossing the causeway into Malaysia and for most parking facilities in Singapore.
A touch-n-go card is also required to pay the toll fee when driving into Malaysia and can be purchased from Avis at a cost of SID 30.00 (+GST).
Traffic fines: administration fee of SID 50.00 (+GST) will be imposed for traffic fines processed.