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Rates include 100km's free per day (3000 kilometers free per month) Unused kilometers cannot be carried over in any month to subsequent months. Additional kilometers will be charged at the rate shown above.

The authorisation amount for monthly rentals is calculated using the monthly estimate plus a deposit in the event of additional charges (i.e. fuel, excess km's over and above the 3000 km's per month). This amount must be available at check out each month and is held on your credit card account for 30 days. After the 30 day period is up, the actual monthly cost will be charged to your credit card and the new authorsation hold will be obtained. You would thus need double the quoted authorization amount available on your card every 30 days. It is imperative that this amount is available every month in order to keep your MiniLease vehicle.

Child seats are charged on a monthly basis, ie R329.00 per month.

No additional drivers will be permitted on weekend rentals except for direct family members.

Avis Car Rental weekend rentals are from a Thursday 08h00 to the following Monday 23h59 in all regions. A minimum 2 day rental is required and rentals do not need to include a Saturday & Sunday.


For weekend rentals we take a credit card authorisation for the estimated cost of the rental, a fuel deposit plus an additional weekend authorisation as follows:

Coastal Branches - R3,500 (on all car groups)
Inland Branches - R7,500 on Car Groups A-E and R10,000 on Car Groups F - N

The additional weekend authorisation will be waived upon presentation of a valid airline boarding pass/e-ticket printout.

Rentals in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng North, North-West Province, Limpopo and Mpumalanga incur a separate authorisation hold of up to R10,000. Find out more here.